Million of virtual cell culture experiments – in seconds.

Increase Biomanufacturing capacity in just 30 days using AI software. More capacity, fewer costs, accessible health treatments.


Removing the speed limit in bioprocessing

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Our 2022 Mission: Reduce the CMC cost of biologics.


Bioprocess Simulator



AI- based process model predictive control (MPC) with our latest product SimCell. 

Increase cell viability

Forecast evolution of thousands of cell cultures by simulating a bioreactor based on your initial inputs.

Improve process control

Decrease failure rate and apply the knowledge to gain better control by having a more closed process

Facilitate scaling up

Use SimCell to expand operational capacity by 5x and save up to €2.4M/year in operating costs.

Shorten process iteration time

By using SimCell you can learn faster and save time. SimCell reports on what happened during bioprocess and shows recommendations on how to get optimal results.

Improve quality control

SimCell can “predict the future” cell growth and estimated product yield with less sampling and contamination.

Accelerate therapy production and development

Use SimCell’s trusted AI technology to discover alternative ingredients and processes by testing thousands of experiment variations in minutes.

Product Features

Analysismode offers a web-based virtual bioreactor (in-silico) Empowering scientists to run a millions of virtual cell culture experiments – in seconds.
In just 3 simple steps our A.I. technology accurately simulates a bioreactor and recommends upstream bioprocess optimization steps.
Step 1: Plan

Once the scientist has logged in, the main interface (Figure 1) enables the scientist to input the experiment setup. The scientist has full control on which parameters are selected. 

Data Input 
Setting process goals

Step 2: Monitor and Control

Given the experiment setup, the AI takes ~5 seconds to forecast the culture evolution. The AI automatically tests 64M variations of critical process parameters (CPPs) to monitor and control critical quality attributes (CQAs) (Figure 2).

Detect process anomalies
Detect contamination

Step 3: Improve and Predict

The product provides AI recommendations (Figure 3), on how to improve process goals. SimCell uses the power of AI to unlock the black box of process understanding and describes the relation between the CPPs and CQAs

Predict CQAs and CPPs 
Take corrective action

Award Winning Technology

In-house developed solution, awarded in 10+ healthcare competitions. 

During 2020, AnalysisMode was awarded in 10+ healthcare competitions, from the EUvsVirus organized by the European Commission, and multiple HackTheCrisis competitions in the Netherlands, Belgium, Norway, Luxembourg, Lithuania, Finland.

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