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Thousand of virtual cell culture experiments – in minutes.

Increase Biomanufacturing capacity in just 30 days using AI software. More capacity, fewer costs, accessible health treatments.

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Vission and Mission

Making all people feel superhuman health everyday.

Our 2021 Mission: Reduce the cost of manufacturing in CAR-T therapy.


This is what we do best.

Our latest product, CellSim, avoids material waste on failed bioprocess optimization attempts.

Transform a one week cell-culture experiment into just a one day simulation. 

Increase cell viability

Forecast evolution of thousands of cell cultures by simulating a bioreactor based on your initial inputs.




Shorten process iteration time

By using CellSim you can learn faster and save time. Use CellSim reports on what happened during bioprocess and recommendations on how to get optimal results.

Improve process control

Decrease failure rate and apply the knowledge to gain better control by having a more closed process

Improve quality control

The CellSim can “predict the future” cell growth and estimated product yield with less sampling and contamination.

Facilitate scaling up

Use CellSim to expand operational capacity by 5x and save up to €2.4M/year in operating costs.

Accelerate therapy production and development

Use CellSim’s trusted AI technology to discover alternative ingredients and processes by testing thousands of experiment variations in minutes.

Product Features
AnalysisMode offers a web-based Virtual Bioreactor (In-silico)

empowering scientists to run a thousand of virtual cell culture experimentsin minutes.

In just 3 simple steps our A.I. technology accurately simulates a bioreactor and recommends media and bioprocess optimization steps.

Award Winning Technology

During 2020, AnalysisMode was awarded in 10+ healthcare competitions, from the EUvsVirus organized by the European Commission, and multiple HackTheCrisis competitions in the Netherlands, Belgium, Norway, Luxembourg, Lithuania, Finland.

1st place

Winners of Healthcare & Wellbeing challenge 

831 participants from 69 different countries

We have created a gamified research platform that empowers citizens to help in vaccine research by creating an online puzzle. The input from the participants then makes it possible for artificial intelligence to predict the vaccine formula for COVID-19. The puzzle game has already been played 7000 times by people from 93 countries. The team is in contact with the University of Oxford and pharmacists for the further development of their service.

1st place

3rd place

More than 600 participants registered for the hackathon HACK THE CRISIS Belgium, of which approximately 250 people lasted all the way to the end. The participants formed 36 teams

3rd place

Top 10

Our solution was selected as TOP 10 in SAVE LIFES challenge :

The healthcare system, the government and the population are working together to get through the corona crisis. How can we keep the population healthy, battle the virus and help those who are affected? Can we develop solutions that will prepare us for future challenges?

Top 10

Top 10

Our team was selected as TOP 10 solution in Lithuania

We created a gamified research tool employing crowd-workers to teach an AI, to find similarities from previous vaccine formulas and find new formula candidates. While being up to 12 months faster and with 10x less science workers.

Top 10

Top 10

Selected as TOP 10 in Save Lifes Challange

Around 200 attendees, 62 mentors and 13 jury members took part in the hackathon

Top 10

Finalist Team

#EuvsVirus created 2,164 multi-disciplinary, multi-nationality teams with innovative solutions throughout April, then sparked the development of 2,235 new cross-European partnerships by matching the best 120 teams with 500+ supportive partners from the public and private sectors throughout May

Finalist Team
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