Interview with Jomet John: A blend of AI and E-Learning as the milestones for Zerotoo startup in India

This month, we had an interesting discussion with Jomet John, a leading  professional in the world of artificial intelligence and education. We were certain that our talk wouldn’t do him justice since his experiences ranged from leading Zerotoo start-up to building initiatives and raising education to even writing poetry and books.

Jomet John is an entrepreneur, an education reformer, a leader who launched many initiatives and participated as a motivational speaker in the events to raise awareness in his community. As a data science aspirant and mind map trainer, he co-founded Zerotoo start-up, which is an artificial intelligence e-learning platform that accelerates the education process through a combination of  AI, gamification and interactive interface that help users learn different sets of skills.

Jomet’s goal in life is to analyse and empower people/industry to realise their true potential and help them achieve it. Jomet ensures a better tomorrow by putting that in action through Zerotoo, where every learning, achievement and accomplishment are validated using blockchain.. He is with us today on AnalysisMode podcast to tell us all about his journey through life and health sciences.

A sneak peek into our talk 🙂

[Guest/Jomet ] —  “The journey began when I actually understood my keen interest in analysing things. I do the analysis, deep thinking about what structures are there in a mathematical way. But at the same time my literature or my other skills related to writing poetry, drawing and writing books also came in. And this I think is due to my interest in watching anime. Reading the subtitles of anime got me enticed towards the formation of words and how it can create magnificent results in other’s lives so that is when I took my pen and wrote down some forms and it has made a huge kind of a transition in me as well, as a person, as an individual.”

“These ventures and these writings put another dimension of analytical skills in perspective and made me think about the world around me. Plus the basic instinct is to do the research, ‘Has anyone in the world around me faced this similar problem and has anyone formulated a solution with regards to this particular problem?’. That is how my research skills developed based on the major problems that I was able to observe in society. So that paved the way for data science into the final picture. So every aspect of my life is correlated to the overall venture of my current pathway in Zerotoo as the Chief Research Officer.”

[Co-Host/Belma] — ”A question regarding India and the power of education overall, since our team at AnalysisMode is very diverse and a lot of us come from developing countries, most of us actually, and we know the power of education and also since you are working with AI, I would like to discuss the power of data in AI and how you are using that to leverage inequalities between developed countries and developing countries and how can this help drive innovation as well?”


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