AnalysisMode attended Testa Challenge for the second time

What happens when innovation and bioprocessing meet? Testa Challenge 2023 by Testa Center!

AnalysisMode has been chosen to participate together with 4 other amazing companies: CEIDOS, IRUBIS, Nanolyze, and Nyctea Technologies to test and verify our innovation in an industrial setting.

This year our favorite topic was in focus: digitalization!  We are going to test our technology on anti-viral vector (AAV) production.

Cell and gene therapy space and combating challenges within the space are at the core of our company. We are thrilled to get access to industrial data and develop further to match the needs of this industry in particular.

Our goal at the Testa Challenge was to create model-based DoE (design of experiments) tool and predictive modeling tool validated on AAV production. During the challenge we worked hand-in-hand with the participating companies as well as supporters of the challenge that shared their knowledge on hot-topics.

Huge thanks to organizers and supporters: STUNS Life science, Cytiva, Pall – Biotech, RISE Research Institutes of Sweden, Gyros Protein Technologies, Knightec and Scitara Corporation, Region Uppsala, Tillvaxtverket.

Having support and programs like this is of vital importance for companies to be able to enter the market and bring value to the whole ecosystem.

AnalysisMode is getting ready to launch it’s SimCell application to AAV production. Stayed tuned for more information soon.