AnalysisMode sponsoring Global Bioprocessing Summit in Berlin

We are thrilled to have showcased our expertise at the Global Bioprocessing Summit!

In mid May, our team had the incredible opportunity to present and share our insights and innovative solutions with industry professionals and thought leaders.

Our Head of Business Development, Belma Alispahic has talked about maximizing your data potential by creating digital bioprocess replicas and our R&D director Tiago Sampaio held a demo showcasing how you can use SimCell, an AI-based advanced bioprocess modeling solution.

Belma talked about maximizing data potential by creating digital bioprocess replicas

Tiago showcased SimCell, an AI-based advanced bioprocess modeling solution.

SimCell simulates bioprocess parameters quickly to create virtual wet-lab conditions to predict success. This reduces the need for experiments and material, allowing scientists to focus on meaningful work. Our simulations use artificial intelligence (AI) for reliable decision-making and accelerated parameter prioritisation.

The current research suggests: “that a modest acceleration of two quarters, living otherwise total product cycle- times unchanged, yields net savings from 40 to 140 million dollars. But the real potential for disruption lies not in cost savings but in reduction of development timelines. Recent examples stemming from the industry give a range from 50% to nearly 75%”

AnalysisMode understands how complex and unpredictable lab life can be and we want to be there for the scientists to guide them into developing knowledge-driven process development.

We delved into how artificial intelligence can move the industry forward. We challenged the participants to look at artificial intelligence as a way to improve human intelligence and purpose. The future of the bioprocessing industry is in digital, modeling, and leveraging emerging technologies.